Real Home Quality Prefabricated Construction Real Home Quality Prefabricated Construction

High Quality Constructions on time and on price

Kvalitets byggeri fra Real Home REAL HOME offers new concepts that focus on design and high-tech, environmentally friendly, prefab homes at prices that are unheard of in the construction industry.
Real Home can assist you throughout the project from idea / concept development, to architectural drawings, construction and completion, whether you want a villa, house, apartment, warehouse, factory, school, sports center, hotel or store.
Real Home does not compromise on either the quality or regulations. We help all the way throughout your project.

Kvalitets sportscenter fra Real Home When you build with Real Home, you will save approximately 50% in labor costs throughout the construction project, because our buildings come in prefabricated elements.
That does not only mean a considerable saving in construction cost, but also that quality is no longer dependent on how skilled the workers are. Quality control is controlled with an iron hand in the factory where the elements are built.
Contact Founder Birger Østraat today to hear about the opportunities we offer you and your building.

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