Real Home Quality Prefabricated Construction Real Home Quality Prefabricated Construction

Less than 36 Week from Design to Move In

Real Home offer a fully integrated turn key process from land acquisition, conceptual design, planning permission, foundations, construction to completion.
Whether you are looking for a villa, apartment, warehouse, factory, school, sports center, or hotel we have developed a streamlined process that takes cost, hassle and time out of building.


Custom Build Homes plot identification
Real Home can help you identify the ideal location for your dream home
And if you have already acquired your land, OBSIDO HOMES will carry out a site visit to ensure we create the right fit for your plot.

Design Software

Custom Build Homes design software
Design-led architecture, the latest Building System Technology and expert craftsmanship shape every detail that goes into Real Homes.
Each individual´s requirements are a unique proposition so your dedicated Project Manager will guide you every step of the way, combining expert advice and an unprecedented number of standard design options and customization possibilities.
After the initial consultation we will provide you with structural 3D drawings, a detailed costing and timeline.


Custom Build Homes planning permission
Together with our partners, Real Home guide you through the regulatory framework and ensure that the transition from conceptual drawings to planning permission to build is smooth, swift and stress free. Once the planning has been approved, we are ready to embark on the next phase of your exciting self-build journey.


Custom Build Homes prefab panels & modules
We employ prefabrication as much as possible to reduce waste and save labor cost and precision engineered with laser technology to deliver beautiful energy efficient abodes.
Our manufacturing facility is fully automated and minimizes construction time as opposed to a traditional onsite-build, since the windows and doors are already fitted.


Custom Build Homes element structure
Our elements are made and assembled using a groundbreaking system that prevents the loss of energy and creates an hermetic home, thus making the house hold the ravages of time, weather or nature.
The external cement fiber board have passed fire proof tests of 120 minutes by SGS UK (EU standard is 30 minutes.) Total fire capacity for the entire wall 3,5 hrs.
Produced with CE Mark conformity EN 1090-1 for steel construction. All parts are CE marked. Tek 10 for Norway.


Custom Build Homes site preparation
Real Home is changing the industry boundaries and whilst your dream home is already under construction, our dedicated development team will monitor every detail of the on-site excavation and foundation process.


Custom Build Homes built on site
Installation is simple, fast, safe and uses standard foundation systems. The design allows for rapid assembly with low-tech, failsafe locking mechanisms, thereby minimizing construction time. It normally takes 1 week to assemble the house and 2-3 weeks with finishing of exteriors and interiors.
Unlike traditional building methods where a home´s floor base and frame are exposed to the elements for extended periods during construction, interiors remain protected throughout the assembly process so limiting exposure to destructive weather effects and modules can be fully equipped before arrival on site.


Custom Build HomesMove In
Real Home strive to offer you a standard of service that equals the quality and finish of the beautiful homes we create. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern and we appreciate your insights to help us refine our process. Real Home provides a home warranty to ensure your dream home stays that way for years to come, allowing you to enjoy every exciting moment of settling in.

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