Real Home Quality Prefabricated Construction Real Home Quality Prefabricated Construction

Interior options for customized buildings

Wood Floorings

We can supply three series of wood flooring, which is laminated wood panel, engineered wood board and solid wood board. The thickness of wood board is 18mm.
Within one series, we have range of textures and colors to be selected. And sure we can recommend proper style to fit the whole house.
The floor construction options are C Purling Joist Floor System or Web Joist Floor System.
Real Home Floor Construction Real Home Floor Options

Carpet Floorings

We can deliver carpet tiles and any type of carpet for applications in living room, office, stair case and bedrooms.
Real Home PVC Flooring Real Home PVC Floor Options

Marble Floorings

We can also provide marble and artificial marble for applications in kitchen, living room, bath room, office, stair case and bedrooms.
Real Home Marble Flooring Real Home Marble Floor Options

Other Floorings

We can provide ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring and mosaic for applications in living room, bath room, office, stair case and bedrooms.
Real Home PVC Flooring Real Home PVC Floor Options

Real Home Door Construction Entry doors must be tough enough to withstand wind, rain, scorching sun, and would-be intruders, yet handsome enough to make a good first impression and showcase your house and your taste and we can help you with the right choices.
And choosing the interior doors is equally important for the interior design and you can select traditional, contemporary, modern or rustic design, with or without glass which will allow you to choose and install the doors that is best for you and your family or application.

Entry Doors

Real Home Door Choices Here are just some examples for your choice. Real Home Door Choices

Interior Doors

Real Home Door Choices

Locks, Handles and Colors

Real Home Door Choices


Building a walk-in closet in a small bedroom may seem like an impossible dream, but it's pretty easy to do. Design and create the walk-in closet you've always dreamed of with our cabinets.
Here are some examples of what we can do for you:
Real Home Walk In Closets Real Home Walk In Closets Real Home Walk In Closets

Contemporary Stairways

Real Home Contemporary Stairways

Classic Stairways

Real Home Classic Stairways


Real Home Classic Stairways

Water Treatment

Real Home Water Treatment Apurgos M3 system prevents establishment of bacteria and gives clean and bacteria free water for consumption. If the bacteria are allowed to establish themselves, they will grow rapidly and make room for growth of other harmful bacteria, such as, for example, the legionella-bacteria. In pipe-constructions, there are often optimum conditions for the bacteria to grow. The Legionella-bacteria finds residence in other bacteria and utilizes these to reproduce itself.
There is a continuous eruption of new Legionella-cases. It is no more a question of if, but rather of when and how it will hit us again. Once you have unwanted bacterial growth and an outbreak of Legionella, it requires a very cost- and resource-draining process to re-adjust. Choose the Apurgo M3 system for a secure, cost- and environmentally effective solution. We give you assurance for fresh and bacteria free water.
Real Home Water Treatment Real Home Water Treatment The Apurgo M3 system is based on ionization of silver- and copper, a solution that has been known for many years. The unique thing about the Apurgo M3 system is the merger of individual silver- and copper cells and a fully automated regulation system. The system is module-based and can easily be adapted to any water consumption.
The control functions can be monitored and controlled locally, or via laptop, tablet and cellphone. All operational data are supervised and logged in its own database, and the system can be managed and kept under surveillance by Apurgo.
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